About Me

 ‘Your description is brutally harsh (in a good way)’

‘Excellent characterization’

‘Very macabre, horrific style’

‘A very good grasp of character’


Like reading, writing has always been a way for me to escape reality. There’s nothing better than losing yourself in the words of a good book. Writing gives me the opportunity to create a new world, to voice my concerns through fiction.

I like losing myself in a character, pretending to be someone I’m not. It’s my own coping mechanism, when life gets you down write a story about a lunatic who performs unethical experiments on child. It’s great.

When i was 14 i started writing short romance stories because i craved for love. As a teenager being a relationship seemed to be the most important thing to me. So i wrote about what i wanted but didn’t have.

But then a lot of shit happened in my life and i realized that being in love wasn’t everything. Not necessary. So I started writing poetry (not very well I’d like to add) and i got published in a book called, Talking ’bout my generation. I wrote a short poem called ‘Feelings’ about loosing my Nan.

I started writing more horror and fantasy when i was 16 and now its what I’ve stuck to.


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