About Me

 ‘Your description is brutally harsh (in a good way)’

‘Excellent characterization’

‘Very macabre, horrific style’

‘A very good grasp of character’


Knowing what type of writer you are is important and often our lives impact the way we write things. But always remember not to judge the writer by what they write.

I say this because what I’m good at is dark macabre stories that explore the dark side of humanity, sometimes in graphic details. Oh, and spoiler alert, I like to kill my characters.

Like reading, writing has always been a way for me to escape reality. There’s nothing better than losing yourself in the words of a good book. Writing gives me the opportunity to create a new world, to voice my concerns through fiction.

I like losing myself in a character, pretending to be someone I’m not. It’s my own coping mechanism, when life gets you down write a story about a lunatic who performs unethical experiments on child. It’s great.

When i was 14 i started writing short romance stories because i craved for love. As a teenager being a relationship seemed to be the most important thing to me. So i wrote about what i wanted but didn’t have.

But then a lot of shit happened in my life and i realized that being in love wasn’t everything. Not necessary. So I started writing poetry (not very well I’d like to add) and i got published in a book called, Talking ’bout my generation. I wrote a short poem called ‘Feelings’ about loosing my Nan.

I started writing more horror and fantasy when i was 16 and now its what I’ve stuck to.


Some things to expect on this blog:

– Short stories

– Extracts from novel ideas

– Horror


– YA fiction


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